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    MONEY AND THE ISSUES OF LIFE As a matter of fact, it has become an indisputable issue, that people go crazy for money just for the mention of it, or by the proposal of it. However, in our society today people tend to react negatively or irrational whenever money is in view, with the intent to possess more of it. Because of this, friends betray friends, children go haywire towards parents and trust becomes a search commodity rare to find. Things fall apart and sincerity becomes far - fetch. But if we may try to probe deep into this, what actually cause money to be such a highly celebrity among folks and society all over? Why do people go crazy and wild whenever an issue of money is mentioned or when an art that involves money is considered? Why do friends and so called loved ones handle guns and set the pace for hatred race, just because they were cheated or underpaid? Why do parents allow their children to suffer and roam the streets for an inexcusable excuse of one thing or the other because money is needed? Why do children feel comfortable even at the expense of their parents who are living in abject poverty, who actually suffered for them? WHY? WE MUST ASK WHY? However, the ultimate issue is; how we can cope or desist from excessive desire for money and possible ways of getting out of the snares money attract. We are all born into this world naked and really do not know what we are, even when our parents flaunt our nakedness we actually could not object because we knew nothing about it. We can as well adopt such attitudes when we come in contact with money, don't see money as life but see it as a commodity that can be handled and drop, if you tends to handle it for long, it will attract passersby and the result end will be magnetic, and, it will always bring to force the laws of magnetic elements. In essence don't keep in possession whatever money that is meant for another, irrespective of the attacking need (s). Refrain from greediness, as it contains deadly spiritual virus that eat deep like

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    cancer into the life of any individual. Getting more at a time even at the expense of others brings about untimely death. When money comes your way always remember that you once came into this world naked and bare to the knowledge of what money really is. Greediness brings about failure in life and outright regret at the end of the day. A sane person will always run away from a greedy person, and trouble will always arise afterwards. Your infancy or childhood was made possible by the liberality of God Almighty and even to this point, God's kindness and benevolence still supercedes and it is evident in your day to day living. When you see another crying or desperately in need of money don't holdback. The spirit attached to Money is like a surveillance camera that captures the hand that gives with a true spirit and mark such, as a GIVER NEVER TO LACK. To this end, it will be absolutely useless to accumulate what you cannot finish, even at the long run of your lifespan. It baffles me to see people stack money in cartons for fear that tomorrow they may lack. That is outrageous, because death has no respect of whom you are, what you are or what you have, it doesn't! Even with acquisition of all the wealth you still have sickness, you still die and whatever you amass becomes a sleeping pillow to your enemies whom initially you may not let come close to your fortune. Please, in whatever way you can show kindness or liberality to whomever living close to you, please do it. The little thank you and prayer they say goes along way and help you spiritually even though you may not see it physically. Money has spirits either bad or good, but always allow the good spirit to overrule you. THE MONEY THAT BECOMES A VERY TANGIBLE ISSUE IN YOUR LIFE TODAY, CAN AS WELL, BECOME A REGRETIBLE ISSUE OF LIFE TOMORROW. BE WISED. BASSEY ETTA

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    About the writter Bassey Etta by the grace of God has pass through the crossbar of sincerity. Once a hotel waiter , where he was found impeccable for any money that came his way, once a store keeper where probity defines his attitudes and now a Café Manager in Nigeria. As you read, imbibe the discipline of good behavior towards money. Please, if this write-up has affected your reasoning or life in anyhow, kindly contact me on phone +234-08134788747 or by Email

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