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Brochures | Computers 2008-04-18 13:32:59
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    ?Quality Assurance Virtual Paper Publication How to test my acrobat file Verify if fonts are embedded Here is a method to test your PDf in Acrobat to make sure that your content will be searchable. - Use the select tool in acrobat. If the textes become highlighted and selected, your fonts were embedded. - Menu View ? Toolbars ? Select & Zoom - If you dont get this behavior, your page is treated as a flattened image and content won?t be detected. Objects coming out of the page (artboard) To access the ?touch up Object?, you need to access the menu ?Tool?, ?Advanced editing? and then ?TouchUp Object Tool?. use the tool ?Select Object?, and on each page, appy the command ?ctrl+A?. This command select all the content of the page. IF content exceed the page?s margins, we can see page streching in the zoomed in version in virtual paper. We would recommand to do a complete crop in the edition software before exporting the pdf to acrobat. That way we avoid any problems.

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    Quality Assurance Virtual Paper Publication Comment tester mon fichier acrobat PAGE SIZE Each pages need to be the same size. You can access the page size information by right clicking on the page thumnail, and select crop page . If pages aren?t the same size, you can ajust them by croping them with the same crop page options.

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    FAQ Virtual Paper Publication What could cause my problem? I am unable to select texts in acrobat / The search tool of my publication doesn?t seem to work 1) Are the fonts embedded? 2) Did you use ?faux italiques?, underlined or aspect barr on your text (false styles not attributed to the font) When I consult my publication, in the ?zoom in? mode, the page strectch. 1) Is there content outside the artboard 2) were the pages exported as ?spread? 3) Is there images under mask coming out of the artboard 4) is the hotspots outside the artboard Some content comes out of the margins 1) Remove Crop Marks 2) Remove Bleed (or crop bleed) 3) Are the options ?crop to artboard? or anything related to it are selected 4) If the problem is still there, go back to the editing software and remove all content coming out of the artboard. When I publish the PDF i get an error message 1) Are the pages all the same size? 2) Are the fonts all embedded?

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